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Indian Head Massage £30.00

Relaxing seated massage of upper back, neck, scalp and face. Intricate movements. Relieve stress and aches and pains. This ancient massage can be combined with Aromatherapy oils.

Reflexology £35.00

Intricate massage of the feet that treats the body’s reflex points to relax and uplift.

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Full Body £35.00 / Back & Shoulder £25.00

A wonderful massage using heated volcanic stones to penetrate deep into the muscle and melt away all those aches.

Swedish Massage

Full Body £35.00 / Back & Shoulder £25.00

Relieve muscle tension and increase circulation.


Full Body £35.00 / Back & Shoulder £25.00

Using the healing properties of plant and fruit extracts this massage stimulates lymphatic drainage to help relieve congestion and rid the body of toxins.

Hot Lava Shell Massage

Full Body £44.00 / Back & Shoulder £28.00

Smooth Tiger shells, heated and infused with lavender and soothing herbs….combined with a luxurious mango massage oil…a truly tropical experience.




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